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Maybe you are like me and you enjoy travelling and experencing the best food that a city has to offer?

I've been on many food tours during my travels, and it's often diffcult to choose between all the 5-star, user generated, reviews, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and wondering if I had made the right decision.


I think Food tours are the best way to experience a city and I started to help travellers seperate the best of the best.

I have been going this for years and as much as I like the challenge of visiting every city in the world. I can't do this on my own, I need help.

What could be a better than getting paid to travel the world and to go on food tours?

If you have a passion for food, traveling and helping people to experience the best the city has to offer, I want your help.

How Much Will You get Paid:

Image by Alicia Steels

How Does It Work:

If you have a food or travel blog, I'm interested in getting your help.

This is the process:

Choose a food tour you'd like to go on

I'll pay for the tour

Take photos of all the delicious foods

Write an indepedent review of the tour using a template that I will provide.

I'll publish the 

Less Than 1,000 Readers

Free Food Tour

If you have less than 5,000 readers to your blog we will pay for the price of the food tour, upto $150. After you have completed your 3rd review, we will pay you between $100-$200.

1,000-5,000 Readers

Free Food Tour + $100

We'll pay for your food tour and pay you $100. After you've completed your 3rd food tour we'll pay you $200-$300.


Breaking News! You Can Click Here To Edit The Text

Keep your visitors in the know. Want to make this content your own? Just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.


Trending! Connect Data From Your Collection

Keep your visitors in the know. Want to make this content your own? Just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.

What's in It For Me?

You'll get a free food tour

You'll get paid

You'll be featured on the homepage

A glow of satisfaction knowing that you've helped travellers to find the best food tour

How do I Find Out More?

Send me an Email with:

  • The favorite food tour you've ever been on.

  • Your travel plans for the next 6 months

  • Your website


Our Guides

David de Souza

David is the founder of He wants to help people discover a city by experiencing the best food tour available.

Anne Oliver

Anne lives in New York City and loves nothing more than exploring the side street eateries, looking for the next gem.

Alex Mills

Alex has been traveling around Asia in search for the best curry for the past 10 years. He still has yet to find the holy grail but many have come close.

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